Ceramic Tableware
Available under brans-Newtrail, ceramic tableware looks great on dining table on all important occasions. Tableware including dinnerware and serveware are safe for health, heat friendly, and durable. Multiple items in the range can be arranged on the table as per the occasion.
Chef Knife
Buy from us professional quality Japanese chef knife forged by traditional blacksmith. Created in stylish design, knife is made in different sizes. The stainless steel/super steel knife with a wood handle enables strong hand grip.
Kintsugi Kit
Get your hands on the original new Kintsugi repair kit by Humade to quickly repair the broken ceramic products with gold. The kit involves putty, glue, gold/silver powder, brush, gloves, etc. The kit also has a manual with step by step process with detailed pictures.
Organic Green Tea
Organic Japanese green tea supplied in the packaging of tea bags and leaves, has pleasant aroma and colour. The Houjicha tea can reduce stress, blood pressure, and cholesterol level. The green tea has a shelf life of around one year.
Japanese Apple
The high sugar content makes Japanese apple taste really sweet. The flesh of this fruit is juicy. This seasonal fruit can be consumed as a snack or can be used for making apple crisp, French apple tart, apple crumble, apple syrup, etc. 

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