Our company was formed in 2021 by Japanese Unilever alumni. Our collection is primarily in the premium pricing range and guarantees that the quality is top-notch. We made direct contact with the farmer so that we could share the narrative behind the items and obtain a fair price. The suppliers are masters in their domain who approach their work with enthusiasm and originality.

If you are seeking high-end, high-quality, or historically significant foods or cookware from Japan, or for gifting, we are the right distributor to contact.

Why Join Hands With Us?

Customers of days are savvy and aware of their rights as purchasers. They are capable of determining which company can provide them with the best return on their investment. Buyers nowadays scrutinize a companys characteristics before making a purchase to ensure it is worthwhile. We have highlighted a few of our characteristics below to enable purchasers to make prudent investments by picking us:

  • We offer our Japanese Chef Knife, Round Ceramic Tableware, Organic Japanese Green Tea, Kintsugi Repair Kit and other products at fair rates.
  • We constantly take a customer-centric path and do everything we can to please them.
  • We have an experienced team of specialists who follow the highest standards to accomplish tasks.

Our Partners

Selecting partners is one of the most crucial and difficult tasks, which is why we have conducted detailed research work before joining hands with our partners. After ensuring that the particular companies fit our criteria, we have tied a knot with them.


The effectiveness with which a firm manages the quality of its offered products is one of the most essential key contributors to its success. The higher the quality, the higher the profit and sales. As a result, the quality of our Kintsugi Repair Kit, Organic Japanese Green Tea, Round Ceramic Tableware, Japanese Chef Knife, etc. is important to us. Therefore, our organization has also established a stringent quality management system and tested the entire array after procuring them from our production partners.

Serving In Different Countries

We are offering our products not only in Japan but in Australia, Singapore and India as well. We adhere to the norms of all those countries where we supply our array. It gives us immense pleasure to see that our customers present in the different corners of the world praise our products.

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